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Top 10 Easy Cake Recipes

Making a cake is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or special occasion. While having a slice of cake is a fantastic way to finish off a meal, for many people it can be too complicated or time consuming to make one. Luckily, there are many easy cake recipes that anyone can make.

Warm Caramel Apple Cake
This cake is a delicious apple tasting upside down cake that is topped off with an apple caramel frosting. I love making this cake in cool autumn nights when the leaves are just starting to change.

Pirate Cake
I’ve made this cake a couple of times for my kids summer birthday party. This is an easy cake recipe made of simple cake products, but is shaped and designed to look just like a pirate!

Fruity Celebration Cake
This is a great birthday cake to make in the summer. This easy to make cake uses basic cake products, but then is topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Raspberry Poke Cake
For the sweet raspberry lovers, nothing beats this simple to make cake. It’s a beautiful and delicious cake which is an excellent addition to any autumn dinner party.

Ultimate 24 Carat Cake
This super moist cake recipe is made of basic cake ingredients, but is the most delicious carrot cake that you will ever have. Enjoying this cake in the winter is absolutely wonderful.

Snowman Coconut Cake
I love to make this cake in the winter time. This cake can have any cake product base that you desire, such as chocolate, butter or sponge; but it is shaped like a snowman and is topped with coconut shreds.

Coconut Lemon Cake
For lovers of a sweets and tart cake, nothing beats coconut lemon cake. This cake is made from a lemon cake base and topped with whipped cream and coconut shreds.

Easy Red Velvet Cake
An absolute classic recipe that can be made in no time whatsoever is the Red Velvet Cake. This cake is perfect for all occasions and can be fashionably served all year round.

Strawberry Cream Cupcakes
This fun summer time cake recipe requires simple cake products and creaming soda. The result is a fun and vibrant strawberry and cream cake that is topped with whipped topping and fresh strawberries.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake
An amazing cake to serve a loved one on Valentine’s Day is chocolate covered strawberry cake. This cake takes that classic element of a chocolate covered strawberry and converts it into a delicious cake.