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Home Made Orange Squash Recipe

In hot summer season everyone liked somthing cooled drinks.I have made home based Orange Squash .Its very easy to make in home.And very cheap as compair to market.. Follow the recipe .from is collection of squash recipes,Ice Creams Recipes.So you can make easly at home. Here is one of recipe.

1-1/2 cups Orange juice

2-1/2 cups Sugar

1 cup Water

1-1/4 tsp Citric Acid

2 Pinches Potassium Meta bi Sulphite (KMS)


1) Select ripe, juicy oranges.

2) Wash thoroughly under water.

3) Cut into two halves and extract the juice.

4) Strain the juice using strainer to leave aside the seeds.

5) Measure the juice and leave aside in a closed container with a tea spoon of sugar.

6) Mix sugar, water, citric acid in a vessel and heat it till sugar is dissolved completely.

7) Remove from fire when it starts boiling.

8.) Cool down to room temperature.

9) Filter the syrup through a muslin cloth to remove dirt.

10) When syrup is cooled completely add essence, color, orange juice and mix well using a dry spoon.

11) Dissolve potassium Meta bi sulphite in a tea spoon of warm water and add it to the juice.

12) Mix thoroughly and pour immediately into sterilized dry, narrow mouthed bottle.

13) Leave 1 inch head space in bottle while filling.

14) Keep in air tight cover and store in cool dry place.

While serving dilute one part of squash with 3 part of ice cold water.

Other Details:
If moisture is left squash will spoil in short time.

All the squashes containing fruit juice stays good for 3-4 months