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How to prepare and cook vegetables.

Before we start to eat solid food as the main source of food. We grow up, we were told.Eat our vegetables. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs.It is important to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.There is evidence that the risk of colon cancer can be reduced when peopleEating vegetables, fruits and vegetables, especially green and yellow.And those in the cabbage family, soy products and nuts.Boil your vegetables to help improve the taste and health.Benefits.

1. Asparagus. .. To gently scrub with a brush, wash vegetables.They snap the ball at the start of the tender.Cook covered in small amount of boiling salted water.TIME cooking.. UP-8-10-minute cut - 10-15 minutes.

2. Nuts... (Green or wax). . To prepare, rinse the end of the string.Cut in 1 inch pieces or leave whole length of the wound. Cooking on a small scale.Amount of boiling salted water.TIME cooking.. 20-30 minutes.

3. Cabbage... To prepare, rinse the leaves wilt. Cut in6-8 wedges or chips. Cook covered in small amounts.Boiling salted water.

TIME cooking.. 10-12 minutes.

4. CARROTS... Swab or backup. Soi cut in quarters.Bars, or all out. Cook covered in small amounts.Boiling salted water or beef consumer.TIME cooking.. 20-25 minutes as well.

5. Spinach... To prepare, cut the roots and wash several times.Warm water, lifted out of the water you wash. Cooking.Add water to cover. Reduce the heat while a steamFrequently while cooking.TIME cooking... 3-5 minutes.

6. Corn... To prepare the shell, fresh and silk from corn.Wash and cook food. Cook covered in small amounts.Boiling salted water and cook in enough red.Boiling water to cover the ears.TIME cooking.. 6-8 minutes.

7. Okra... To provide clear pods, trim stems. Slice or leave.All. Cook covered in small amount of boiling water.TIME cooking.. 8-15 minutes.

8. Tomato... To prepare, wash the tomatoes ripened. Cook slowly, covered.Without adding water.TIME cooking.. 10-15 minutes.

9. Eggplant.. To be clear if the skin is tough, slash, cut in 1 / 2 inches.Piece dipped in beaten egg, then in the bread crumbs, dry, brown slowly.On both sides in hot fat. SeasonTIME cooking.. About 4 minutes.

10. Mushrooms... To prepare, wash, cut the tips of stems. Out all or a spoon.Add the melted butter in skillet; Sprinkle with flour andMix, cover and cook slowly, turning some TIME cooking.. 8-10 minutes.

11. Zucchini.. To provide a clear edge Sliced.The butter in a skillet and cook covered for5 minute open and cooks until tender, turning pieces.