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How to Put the olive oil.

Infused olive oil to add flavor to salads, vegetables, breads and meats. Used as a salad dressing or cooking oil, bread-dipping oil made of olive oil infused at home with your favorite herbs and vegetables. Use one or more herbs and vegetables in olive oil infused. Experiment with new ingredients to add flavor to your food.

Here is what you want.2 tablespoon dried herbs or 4 tablespoon fresh herbs or vegetables.Small saucepan.Channel.8 ounce glass jar with a lid color.Infused with olive oil and dry spices.
1. 2 tablespoon dried herbs or vegetables in a dark glass 8 ounce bottle. Peppers are popular choices are basil, oregano and red.2. Heat 1 cup extra - virgin olive oil in sauce pan over low heat 15 minutes.3. The channel on top of the bottle.4. Pour hot for - extra virgin olive oil through the glass.5. Cover tightly and store in a glass jar with olive oil and spices in a dark, cold,. After 1 week the flavor of the spices you put in the olive oil.

Infused with olive oil, fresh ingredients.1. Flush of fresh water and pat dry with clean paper towel to remove any dirt or bacteria.2. Purée or Soi 4 ​​ounce of fresh ingredients into small pieces. Ingredients that are popular for herbal infusions, olive oil, garlic and bell peppers.3. And pureed or sliced, fresh ingredients with 8 ounce extra - virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice in small saucepan. Cook mixture over low heat 15 minutes, the taste of fresh ingredients with olive oil.4. At the entrance to the 8 ounce bottles of dark glass.5. Pour the mixture through a glass bottle. The lid has a glass bottle.6. Be infused olive oil in the refrigerator and use within 1 week

Warnings.The amount of money or a mixture of fresh herbs that you use as seasoning.

Olive oil in the refrigerator to harden. Solidification did not harm the olive oil. When oil is brought back to room temperature to liquefy.Colorado State University Extension Safe Food Rapid Response Network warns that the oil is infused with the potential to support the growth of Clostridium (C.) botulinum. To reduce the risk of developing botulism poisoning when using fresh ingredients always add lemon juice and olive oil. First, heat the mixture.

Do not eat infused olive oil that looks or smells bad. Bad odor may mean the oil is contaminated with botulism. You should be careful about botulism, especially when the olive oil infused with fresh ingredients. The 8 ounce of olive oil infused with too much for you to take a week to adjust the ingredients to make 25 or 50 percent less.....


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