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How to make poached eggs quickly.

Poached eggs are a good choice for low-fat fried eggs and they taste good, they are big on bread or by themselves. In this article you will learn how to quickly make a poached egg. It's easy to get!

This is what you want.

Brand or non-stick Teflon pan.

Slotted spatula rubber or plastic, more metal can.

White vinegar.

A butter knife.


1. First, fill pan with hot water and bring to a boil on the stove to fill the pan for eggs, this will reduce the time taken to boil, make sure to cover with a lid.

2. Turn down the pot at medium, add vinegar 1 teaspoon for 2-4 eggs. 2 teaspoons for 5-8 eggs, this step is necessary, vinegar, eggs collected from the "agreement" on lifting of water will save much time. clean and dirty.

3. Add eggs, especially egg yolks, and be careful not to puncture the shell.

4. Egg Watch! They can cook over very easily to determine if it is done one lap off the spatula or slotted spoon, using a knife to cut butter, the white part of close to egg yolk is white, is still a bit raw to cooked. When doing so more food will be careful not to break the yolk.

5. If you want the yolk to flow to the eggs when you notice that the white is cooked thoroughly. Eat them as soon as they continue to cook after removed from the water if you like your eggs boiled hard, wait. minutes.


Using the right size pan on poached eggs, to save time for egg tray, a large number of small pan for a few.

It's best to cook up to 8 eggs in a frying pan.
Have fun and test if you do not get it right next time, try again.

Do not use a metal spatula or spoon, as it can end up using Teflon pan.
Do not pass the vinegar! It makes the eggs taste is not very satisfying.